Springtime Miracles & Transformation


An Intention for Change & Committing to You
Spring is finally here and this year it feels like a miracle!  I feel the rush of inspiration to lighten things up and make some positive self improvements. 
I think of self improvement as changing something in my life that isn’t working well.  Change is tough business.  It takes the commitment of time and energy, things we complain about having so little of.

Making a conscious intention to change something that no longer works or serves us comes from a place of deep inner truth.  Coming from our deep inner truth allows us to put our heart and soul behind the intention and keeps us dedicated to the process.

Yesterday I watched a video about the success of making change by John Assaraf, owner of the NeuroGym. It was astounding to learn that only 2% of the population is truly successful at change. A ghastly statistic! Most people, 98% of us know what changes we need to make.

What Do The 2% Do?
The successful 2% commit to this by letting go of past outcomes, committing their time, and putting the right action every day behind what they want to change. The right action are the baby steps you take each day that get you unstuck, shifts behavior, and moves you forward.   You emerge stronger, smarter, and more confident when you reach the other side.

So Why Resist?
Maybe you didn’t care for the way things turned out when you tried to make some previous change and that’s what you remember.   A new venture requires letting go, detaching from past outcomes, and acknowledging the lessons.

Make the Intention
Maybe you want to stop using your credit cards to get rid of debt, stay out, and begin saving money. Write down your intention. and the actions necessary. The actions could be shredding the credit cards, swapping out shopping for a walk with a friend, or reading a book.

Define the Obstacles
How many times have you heard yourself say I don’t have time, or I’m too busy, or I don’t have the right this or that? These are obstacle in your path and some of the reasons why we resist change.

According to John Assaraf knowing the obstacles is as important as the change you intend to make. Overcoming obstacles on the path of change is a challenge but it’s also where we learn, grow, and move forward.  

List the obstacles you would face to get rid of credit card debt and when they come up you’ll recognize them and be able to make a different choice. Your list for getting rid of credit card debt might look something like this:
Responding to a friends need to take you along on a shopping trip.
Wanting something you see or are told about that you can’t live without.
You don’t have a shredder for the credit cards.
The negative voices in your head – ugh!  Write them down as they come to you & then write down the opposite to turn them into empowering statements.  Say them a few times each day.

Your Daily Commitment
Reflect. If you stuck with any of your actions and made a different choice to hurdle one of your obstacles, note it and celebrate it!
Let go of perfection.  It’s about the journey which is always learning and growth with love at its core.
Be Grateful for all of your experiences.  Add humor and compassion.
Surround yourself with supportive people.
When you get off track and you will, try not to be hard on yourself. Gently make your way up, brush yourself off, and try again.

Finally, visualize the essence of what this change will bring to your life.  If you’re working on getting rid of credit card debt, visualize how good it will feel to be free from the stress of having debt so you can focus on what’s important to you, create savings, and overall improve your quality of life.

A Story of Transformation & Success!
I have been working with a client whose goal was to get rid of debt and stay out. She also had another goal which was to save enough money to go to her friend’s wedding in France. She made the intention to fully commit to these goals. She just bought her ticket to the wedding and the light at the end of the debt tunnel is very near. In the meantime she has been successful at finding solutions to her credit card obstacles so that she doesn’t land there again. Although it wasn’t easy most of the time, she experienced many rewards on her path to success.

Success for change = Intention to Commit + Right Actions + Right Attitude

Experience Your Own Transformation!
Wishing You All
Prosperity & Peace

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