Ten Things To Do Besides Shop

When The Shopping Bug Hits…Try These First!

  • Read a book – borrow one from the library.  I love going to the library because I can browse magazines, look for CD’s, books, movies etc. and then get to bring one home for free!
  • Go for a walk or hike – enjoy nature and the fresh air .  This is good in any season.
  • Plan a garden
  • Organize a closet or an area of your home.  Get creative with storage solutions.  You’ll most likely declutter when you do.
  • Bake some bread
  • Make a large batch of homemade pasta sauce
  • Look through  your cookbooks and plan a week’s worth of meals.
  • Put on a cup of tea, sit in a quiet spot and either journal or just enjoy the quiet for a while.  It takes the edge off of life!
  • Nurture a hobby
  • Volunteer for a community organization


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