A Reflection of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away though many of the retail chains have started to promote Christmas.   I recently walked into a store hoping to find some embellishments to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece and was taken aback by how little there was to choose from, if anything.  Christmas music was playing in the background.  I came away with a deep disappointment that a holiday so important to our culture is forced into the background.

In spite of all that goes on in our world, there are many things we can be grateful for and stopping to acknowledge them can give us the strength and clarity we need in our lives.

I love the tradition of Thanksgiving because it gives us the time we need to spend with each other, sitting around a table, enjoying each other in conversation over a meal that we all help to create, and maybe later watching a football game together or enjoying a walk in the crisp outdoor air.  We are grateful and thankful for each other and the many times we are able to spend together.

Family, friends, and good health are what  I am most grateful for.   I also love to step outside to enjoy a beautiful sunset, a clear and starry nighttime sky, and  the quiet of the woods.  These beautiful elements of nature and the Universe are accessible to us all and we all have the the ability to connect with them.  When we connect with the good that surrounds us, we find the peace that is inside of us.  Pausing to acknowledge these simple pleasures as often as we can is a celebration of gratitude.

There have been some tough times in my life, as there are for us all.  When I look back on these times, I am grateful for the lessons they taught me, and the strength and compassion that they gave me.  I have found that it’s the tough lessons if we learn from them that turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

I celebrate gratitude every day in my life.  Thanksgiving is when I reflect on the past year and look forward to spending extra time connecting with family and friends.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. My favorite quote from this article:

    “When we connect with the good that surrounds us, we find the peace that is inside of us.”

    So true! THANK YOU for the reminder!

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