Does Your Money Story Keep You Stuck?

Flower Child of Finance Final Colored Version watermarkedWhat’s in Your Story?

In August I celebrated my first full year doing business as Pot of Gold.  I feel blessed by all the truly wonderful people I worked with.  It’s a privilege to work alongside of each one to experience their transformation as they go from feelings of stress and being down in the dumps to the peace of mind and feeling of abundance they sought out as they began working with me.  In this process I have learned a great deal from each one of them.  While it hasn’t always been easy both my clients and I and have grown so much from these life changing experiences.

I learned that although all situations are unique, there is one common thread throughout:  there is always a story.  Yes, the money story that is ages old and complete with all the negative messaging. It’s these messages that keep us stuck in our unhealthy and negative patterns.  Where do these messages come from?  From many different places.  First we have the messages we heard from our grandparents, parents, and other family members growing up.  You know the ones.   In fact the biggie that stands out for me is when my parents and others would discuss how making lots of money is almost a sin because of all the problems that it causes.

The Money Story & Negative Messages:

Other negative messages come from outside influences; our friends, culture, the economy, and today’s job market.  All have many limits to them.  For example at one time I would always feel like I never had the right background or the right experience.  What I mean by this is that there are not the “right” letters behind my name, such as CPA or Certified Financial Planner.   Whenever I would tell others about this business that I was about to begin, I would be asked if I was a CPA or Certified Financial Planner.  I felt that it wasn’t enough to have over 30 years of real experience, a passion for helping others, and just living my life in a way that always kept me in the flow of abundance and at peace financially.

The New Story & The Empowering Messages

Once the negative messages in my money story were identified, I used empowering statements to transform the way I look at myself and my situation.

So making a lot of money can be wonderful.  I put money to good use, with enough to pay bills, create savings, and give to organizations that can use financial help.  I know now that money doesn’t buy happiness but it can give us choices.

As for those letters.  I always have enough and I feel good about what I do.  Not only do I have over 30 years of experience with finance, management, and marketing, I also have a masters degree, I work hard, and I live my life so that I make good choices financially.  Mostly I have a passion to help others find peace of mind financially so they can reach goals and enjoy their life the way they see fit without the worry and the stress.

What’s Your Story?

Put a bit of reflecting time into your story and I guarantee you’ll find a message that is keeping you stuck where you are.  Once you identify that message, create an empowering statement of your own and watch what happens.  You’ll begin to move forward out of negative and unhealthy patterns that may keep you from earning what you’re capable of, in debt, and from reaching your goals.  It’s time for a change.  Don’t you think?

Many Blessings of Peace & Abundance,


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