About Donna

Donna4I started creating my own pot of gold at the age of 12 with my first babysitting job.

My father encouraged me to save most of my earnings and keep track of the rest in a spending journal. Once a week, my father and I would review my spending journal and he would point out that if I spent a little less on gum and candy, I could save enough money to get the bike I wanted. I felt empowered as I took his advice and saved enough to eventually buy the bike.

These weekly conversations with my father and my spending journal created a strong financial foundation for me that lasted a lifetime.

I learned about trade-offs, long and short term spending plans, and about the importance of creating a savings nest egg. Some of the strategies that I learned I still use today, though they’ve evolved a bit. They enabled me to save for my first car, a significant down payment on a two family home, and later financing college tuition for two.

It was this early experience with money that inspired me to pursue a career in Finance. After completing my Bachelor’s in Finance-Economics at Bentley College I went on to practice accounting for large and small companies as well as non-profits growing into the role of Controller.

During my career, I struggled with under-earning, a symptom of undervaluing me and my skill set. I worked hard to overcome this and realized that it was my own self-worth that was the real issue. Yoga was the vehicle that helped me transform and overcome these beliefs and I continue to practice and teach yoga regularly.

For me money represents three aspects of ourselves; practical, emotional, and spiritual.

I knew for a long time that I had a desire to help others become grounded in their finances and live with the peace of mind that comes with being confident in their ability to make good financial decisions.

One evening I stumbled upon the phrase “holistic financial management”, did a search with this phrase and found the Financial RecoverySM Institute. Immediately I knew this was for me. My goal as a Financial RecoverySM Counselor is to help each of my clients create their own Pot of Gold, and enjoy a peace of mind that accompanies it.

What makes me qualified to help you?

Personally –

  • I know how to live debt free
  • I know the steps necessary to take charge of one’s finances and feel empowered.
  • I have a life time experience of saving and investing for long term goals.
  • I know how to align the money I spend with my core values.


  • Create projections for income and expenses.
  • Maintain positive cash flow, balance sheets, and income statements.
  • Plan for pricing and earning to keep a healthy cash flow.
  • Prepare & interpret financial statements.

I would love to help  you get on top of your financial situation. Contact me to set up a free 15-minute “get started session” and we’ll determine what you need to get going.